Metal Tray / Tray Liners
What Nap size do I choose for my painting project?

The standard nap size to use when painting with flat paint is from 3/8 inch to 3/4 inch.  The longer the nap...the
more paint it will hold.

Applying gloss or enamel paints to a smooth surface requires the flattest nap you can buy, which is about ¼

Flat paint doesn't require a precisely smooth finish to highlight its glossiness, since it doesn't have any.
Flat paint usually has a little bit of stippling from using the 3/8-inch to 3/4-inch rollers.

Using the wrong-size nap may leave an unwanted texture on your walls, particularly if you use rollers with
naps that are larger than 3/4 inch. These naps are typically for walls that have texture already, such as plaster.
If you do want to add a little texture to your wall, use a larger-size nap.
Choose Angle or Flat Sash
Choose Angle or Flat Sash
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Best size for general
cutting and painting
large pieces of trim
2" Angle-Sash Brush.
Angle-Sash Brush
For small areas and
detail work.
3/8" Nap Roller
All purpose 9" roller
1/2" Nap Roller
Longer 1/2" nap for
non-smooth surfaces
9" Roller Frame
For large, flat surface
like walls and ceilings.
Metal Paint Tray
Perfect for all types
of paints.
Tray Liner Inserts
Disposable plastic clear tray
liner makes clean up easy.
3.99 ea. shipping included
Blue Painters Tape
1.5" Scotch-Blue®
Painter's Tape for
Caulk Gun
Smooth Rod 9".
3M® General Purpose
Now that it's time to dip into the paint...
Choose among these house painting tools:
$25.46 includes shipping
2" Flat-Sash Brush.
$21.46 includes shipping
$16.46 includes shipping
Choosing a brush
Angled or Straight?  Use a wide, straight-bristled brush for creating neat, even lines in corners and along edges
(also known as “cutting-in”).  Use a narrower, angled brush for trim and mouldings.
What kind of bristle?
Since most interior house painting is done with latex/acrylic (water-based) paints,
nylon or nylon/polyester blend bristles are the best material.
Cheap or expensive?  
Painting professionals recommend spending more on a high-quality brush.  
Cheap brushes wear out quicker, leaving streaks and stray bristles behind,
while more expensive brushes use better materials, providing smooth, even results.  
If the brush is cleaned properly, it can be reused on future jobs, saving money overall.
Benjamin Moore Paint
Regular Price 7.99
shipping included
Applicator Kit
Regular Price 15.99
shipping included
Regular Price 7.99
shipping included
Regular Price 7.99
shipping included
Metal Paint tray
Regular Price 9.99
shipping included
Blue Painters Tape
1 1/2"
Regular Price 5.99
shipping handling included
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Caulk Gun
Need to prep your surface before adding color? This multi-purpose smooth rod caulk
gun will help you fill in cracks and crevices with ease.

Selecting the right tools to get the job done is half the battle when it comes time to
paint. We've done the work for you by only offering a 9" smooth rod no drip caulk gun.
This newer model of a caulk gun features a smooth rod, which provides the best
control over flow by locking the pressure rod in place when you stop squeezing.
There's no need for scissors due to the built in top cutter, plus the handy tube piercer
easily breaks open the foil seal on your caulk tube spout.
9" Caulk Gun
Regular Price 9.99
shipping included
Assorted 5 pack sandpaper  
For hand or machine sanding.
9" x 11" sheets. By 3M.

Regular Price 8.99
shipping included
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