Home Maintenance Tips
Quarterly Checklist

1.Vacuum Air Conditioning returns and supply (monthly to remove dust, minimum quarterly)
2.Replace Air Conditioner Filter
3.Clean Dryer Vent
5.Cut back trees and shrubs from the house walls, roof and air conditioning system as needed.
6.Check the bathtub and shower caulking  and repair promptly as needed.
7.Inspect home for any signs of water intrusion or roof leaks as needed.
8.Check all faucets for dripping or leaky pipes.

Bi-Annual Checklist

1.Replace smoke detector batteries and test. (Recommended in sleeping areas, kitchen, laundry, and other rooms).
2.Check for any appearance of roof leaks or water intrusion near windows and doors and ceilings.
3.Check caulking around bath tubs, sinks, toilets, trim, etc. for gaps or cracking.

Annual Checklist

1.Drain water heater once a year to remove particle build up and clean elements.
2.Check exterior of the home for any signs of stucco or masonry cracking, repair immediately.
3.Check exterior trim and planks for rot damage, repair immediately to reduce risk of water damage and pest infestation.
4.Check caulking around all windows and doors for weathering or cracking, replace as needed.
5.Pressure clean roof tiles, pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, etc.
6.Check all faucets for dripping and leaks, replace washers as needed.
7.Inspect all Window and Door Seals, replace as needed. (Major source of lost energy in a home)
8.Check for any obvious issues with electrical sockets an receptacles, correct as needed.
9.Remove any wood/soil contact with house to prevent rot and insect damage.
10.Remove or correct trip hazards such as broken or uneven walks, patios, driveways, carpet, flooring, etc.
11.If there is a septic system, have the tank inspected, and pumped if necessary.
12.Have Air Conditioning coils cleaned and perform a service check up on your entire unit.
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