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LM Flooring is...
COLOR, TEXTURE, PASSION-It’s reflected in the timeless beauty,
classic looks and outstanding value proposition of our flooring.
It’s on display in the quality, value and features & benefits that we build into every single floor.
Hardwood Floors
Hardwood Flooring
LM Flooring

Founded in 2001, LM Flooring is dedicated to the design and production
of the highest quality engineered wood flooring.
A subsidiary of Fine Furniture Ltd., LM Flooring pays the same attention
to quality design and production as its parent company,
one of the largest manufacturers of luxury furniture.

Our passion for quality and design is reflected in our more than 150 styles
of wood flooring, all carefully crafted by veteran artisans.
With advanced technologies, we achieve the highest precision
in wood milling and fine Italian finishing.

LM Flooring and our furniture division, Fine Furniture Design & Marketing
( share a 2.5 million-square-foot
design and manufacturing facility in Shanghai.

LM Flooring has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers
of wood flooring in the world, and a leader in the Green Movement.
We produce more flooring from rapidly renewable and recycled
material sources than any other hardwood flooring manufacturer.

Our wood flooring styles, made from both domestic and exotic species,
range from traditional strip to wide plank,
many with hand-crafted scraping and distressed designs.
Our collections also include hand-inlaid borders, decorative patterns,
and our newest commercial-grade acrylic infused hardwood floors.

Service, in its many forms, is also an integral part of LM Flooring.
We chose the best flooring distributors to sell our products
because we trust them as professionals.
Together, we strive to deliver the highest quality
hardwood floors to your home and provide
service that meets your expectations.
Terry Eback Flooring Specialist at LaMotte's
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