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Quality and Value for Construction
Over the past 75 years, one branch of MAPEI has developed into a worldwide leader in the manufacture of total systems
for the installation of floor coverings in commercial and residential construction.
Our surface preparation products condition floors and walls for the optimal installation of tile, carpet, wood, vinyl and
decorative concrete.
Our installation products include mortars, grouts, adhesives and admixtures that ensure customers’ satisfaction with any
floor covering they choose. Innovative new products developed by our R&D Department continually keep MAPEI well-
positioned in the minds of professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

A second branch of MAPEI that has rapidly begun to expand into the American market is our Concrete Restoration
Our CRS products help repair damaged concrete in commercial and industrial projects as well as infrastructure settings
such as bridges and wastewater systems.
These repairs range from the application of waterproofing and corrosion inhibitors to restoration of damaged areas in
horizontal, vertical and overhead structural concrete. MAPEI has also developed a special family of self-leveling
underlayments and screed mortars to level and smooth interior and exterior construction surfaces.

Throughout all MAPEI’s manufacturing processes for adhesives, sealants and other chemical products for the building
industry, we have maintained a strong commitment to the environment and to sustainability. We work continuously to
have all of our locations ISO 9001-certified for Quality Management and ISO 14001-certified for Environmental
Management. We regularly review our product formulations against emerging technology and reformulate when
appropriate to produce ever more environmentally friendly products.

MAPEI is ready to meet its customers’ needs with the best products, customer service and technical support in our
market today and in the future.
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