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Why Choose Benjamin Moore Paints?


The better the resins (binders that make the film and finish
of paints) and colorants (the pigments that give the paint
its unique color and hiding characteristics) the better
quality and performance.

Easy to apply products with coverage that saves time and
money. Low odor products without that lingering paint

Paint that is durable, washable and scrub-able to keep
walls in mint condition.

Color that unfailingly delivers
"oohs" and "aahs"
What’s in a can of paint?

Paint is a simple mixture of ingredients, including pigments,
a binder, and a thinner (in latex paint, it is water; in solvent paint
it is a petroleum solvent).

Pigments provide the texture, color, and hiding properties of paint.
The pigments, usually in the form of dry powder, can be organic
(containing carbon), inorganic (no carbon), synthetic, or natural.

binder consists of synthetic and natural resins, which start out
as liquids but dry to form durable films. The properties of the binder
largely determine the properties of the paint film. In waterborne
coatings, the binder is usually a latex emulsion composed of vinyl
and/or acrylic copolymers. In solvent-based coatings, the binder is
usually an alkyd, which is a natural drying oil that is chemically
modified to be especially tough and long-lasting.
Water is the thinner in today’s latex emulsion paints—
the ultimate choice for the environment and ease of use. Solventbased
paints are thinned with petroleum solvent, so they require
more care to employ responsibly.
Over the years, use of solventbased
paint has diminished because of concerns about volatile
organic compounds (VOCs). Solvent-based paints, however, still
play an important role today because of their unique durability
and adhesion properties.
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