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Carpet Binding: Turn carpet remnants
into useful area rugs... or repair existing ones!!
What is carpet binding?

Carpet binding is a trade in the flooring industry that involves modification to the edges of a carpet
with fabric, adhesives and/or stitching.  
In practice, binding protects the edge of the carpet from wear and from unraveling.  
Aesthetically, binding can add not only function but style to match your decor!

If you look at any area rug in your home (with the exception of indoor-outdoor and some
rubber-backed bathroom carpets ), you'll notice the binding around the perimeter.  
Area rugs almost always have one of the above listed bindings (also known as "applications") on the
edges, while wall-to-wall carpeting typically has no binding on the edges, due to the fact it is secured
around the perimeter of the room with tack-strips during installation so unraveling is unlikely.  
Wall to wall carpets are not immune to unraveling.
For example, a metal or wood strip is installed over any carpet edge that is subject to traffic,
such as where carpet meets a wood or tile floor.
Carpet binding devils lake nd
When is carpet binding needed?

Carpet binding may be the best repair choice...

Turn leftover carpet from a wall-to-wall installation into custom area rugs to protect your new carpet
in high-wear areas, such as in front of couches, down halls or even under your dog or cat bed.  
In fact, ANY carpet with raw edges can be fabricated with any binding application you choose.
Carpet remnants can great mats around the home, garage or basement,
so consider having your remnants bound.  

LaMotte's tip: When you order your new wall-to-wall carpet, be sure to order a few extra feet or yards
so you have plenty of carpet for matching area rugs.

Repair or resize area rugs you already own that have minor damage or frayed edges to look like new again,
simply by rebinding the exterior edges!
Or make a large area rug you love into smaller rugs.

Have a favorite large area rug that has a permanent stain?  
Trim off the stain and have the edge rebound,
or divide the unstained sections into smaller rugs.

Attach existing rugs of different sizes and shapes,
then add a new binding for a simple and cheaper alternative
to buying a brand new carpet.